Technical Project Management

  • We specialise in the development of new technology capabilities for defence and security.  We have a wide range of experience in delivering software projects from early, highly conceptual prototypes through to established and recognised products.

  • We can help you design, plan and implement technical projects calling upon our backgrounds as project managers, designers and operational analysts.


Defence and Security Expertise

  • We have a deep understanding of the UK Defence and Security sector and have experience in managing projects that span networks in both UK government and wider industry.

  • We are trained to bring together diverse groups of experts and users to better understand both technical requirements but also conceptual problems.

  • We actively maintain networks across government, academia and the private sector..



  • With our partners we have developed and trialled a number of different analysis processes.

  • We have developed ‘topic modelling’ processes to better understand the trends and themes contained in large volumes of research data.

  • We have developed new analysis processes to make Futures/Foresight analysis more objective and evidence based.

  • We have developed new processes for text extraction and table extraction from large volumes of data and assisted in their application for Cyber Threat Intelligence.


Strategic Advisory

  • We have led the development of data visualisations and maps to help policy makers better understand and engage with complex concepts.

  • We have designed and implemented projects that focus on emerging technologies, such as blockchain encryption.

  • We have led industrial consortia to improve specific aspects of Defence capability, such as improving how Defence conducts Information Activity and Outreach.