Chris Evett - Director

Chris Evett - Chris is the Director and co-founder of Simplexity Analysis. He has 18 years experience of leading technical projects for a wide range of sectors most notably defence, security and foresight. He has led diverse project teams, managed complex software projects and spent a lot of time eliciting requirements from a range of stakeholder groups and senior decision makers. Chris’ technical ability combines with a detailed understanding of analysis processes used by UK Defence. He was an analyst and editor for the UK Global Strategic Trends programme and worked to pioneer new approaches for making foresight and futures analysis more objective and data-led. Today, he works with a range of technology companies to bring cutting edge technologies to improve defence and security capabilities - both in analysis but also through training and simulations.


Tom PearsoN - CTO

Tom Pearson is a co-founder of Simplexity Analysis and an artist and designer from London. Tom has worked as a Digital Interaction specialist for a range of studios and corporate clients over the past 6 years and has worked for clients that include Pizza Express, Kinesensor, MonitorMe and IKEA and has run a number of platform design - experiments for a range of stakeholders including the Policy Lab and GO Science and the UN. Tom's research provides a framework for an ongoing research investigation into algorithms, democracy and the politics of technology and he has exhibited internationally including at The Barbican, London. The Venice Beinnale and Iwasaki Bio Art Lab, Tokyo. He holds an MA in Design Interactions from the Royal College of Art.



Jonathan Selhi is Chief Research Officer at Simplexity Analysis. He is an analyst, technical lead and project manager with 18 years of experience in sectors including: autonomous vehicles, climate change & energy, defence & security, humanitarian, agriculture & food security and space. As a project manager and technical leader, Jonathan has delivered 30 operational research studies and research contracts that have informed strategic Government procurement programmes and doctrine development. Jonathan has worked with stakeholders from across government, corporate business and small to medium-sized enterprises, academia and non-governmental organisations (NGOs). He is also Head of Research at the Global MapAid NGO

We partner with a range of technology companies and industry groups:


Polystream is a technology company based in Guildford that leverages the power of distributed networks, intelligent edge and the visual cloud to transform how the work consumes interactive content and services. It is developed a ‘cloud in a box’ a new capability that is transforming how training providers access their synthetic environments.


Futurescaper is a web-based application that advances futures analysis and strategic decision making. Providing bespoke data visualisation and crowd-sourced analytics, this powerful tool enables complex concepts to be analysed and shared with networks of experts to input their thoughts and ideas.


Elemendar is a technology company that specialises in Cyber Threat Intelligence. It uses artificial intelligence to read cyber threat reports written by humans and translates them into industry-standard, machine-readable and machine-actionable data.

Columnsoft provides bespoke software services to a range of industries; Defence, Electronics, Financial Services and GIS.

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Bricolage uses cutting-edge text mining and data analytics technologies and research techniques and combines them to different types and sources of data to discover new knowledge and insights.

The Global Strategic Partnership - We are a founding member of the ‘Global Strategic Partnership’ an industrial consortium formed by RAND Europe to manage research and analysis projects for the UK Ministry of Defence’s Development Concept and Doctrine Centre.