We produce data visualisations that map complex issues and trends.  Our maps show how different factors relate and chart the complexity behind future trends.  They are also powerful tools for highlighting how much we think we know about a particular topic!



We combine advanced searching techniques, big data sets and data visualisations to give you comprehensive literature reviews.  Our reviews are less biased by individual opinion as they are drawn from evidence-based research and a wide network of contributors.



Sometimes expert opinion is our only source of data on the likelihood of a particular event, especially for things that could happen in the next 5-50 years. We design questionnaires that are focused on your specific problem or context. We break down complex concepts to structure surveys and interviews to fully get the best out of expert contributions. 


There are a range of facilitated techniques that can be applied to increase our knowledge of future trends.  Using exercises like scenario planning, back-casting, speculative design and driver analysis we can help you think strategically about the future.



We run strategic games that enable clients to better understand the future. Such events generate both ideas about the future but also educate people on how to respond to certain outcomes.  We use our knowledge of facilitation and data visualisation to produce dynamic and immersive gaming experiences.

The Messy Fringe 

The Messy Fringe is our creative space.  Here we run and host competitions on speculative fiction.  We regularly ask for short stories along certain themes and publish the winners in this section of the website.  We also undertake data visualisations and analysis of all the entries to our competitions to see what ‘big themes’ our contributors are coming up with.