We have worked with a wide number of organisations and companies around the world, such as the UK Ministry of Defence, the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, The Cabinet Office, DFID, the US National Intelligence Council, DSTL, Qinetiq, SAIC, The Indian Institute for Defence Security Analysis, Chatham House, RUSI, and Oxford Analytica.  In the private sector we have worked with a range of institutions such as;  Barclays Bank, Caitlin, Oxford Innovation, Bmore creative and Aleph Insights.


We have analysed problems as high level as 'What is the future of healthcare?', through to very focused questions like 'what particular bias does a particular section of analysis contain'.


For every project, we will help you define your problem, understand the particular context relative to the amount of data available to you, and then help you understand strategic issues relevant to your specific problem.  For further details and examples of some of the maps we have produced for specific projects, please see our testimonials here.