Chris Evett - CEO

Chris has 14 years experience of producing innovative data science processes for a wide range of sectors most notably futures analysis, strategy, defence policy and innovation.  He has a background in defence and security and has worked on a range of strategic-level projects, working to better model and understand industrial research and development, social trends and the future strategic direction of China and Africa.  


Tom PearsoN - CTO

Tom is a designer and technologist who combines his knowledge of art and design with cutting-edge technical processes. He has been a freelance Data Interaction specialist for a range of studios and corporate clients over the past 6 years and has worked for clients that include Pizza Express, Kinesensor, MonitorMe and IKEA.  He is currently completing a Masters degree in Design Interactions at the Royal College of Art and is running a number of platform design experiments for a range of stakeholders including the Policy Lab and GO Science.



Jonathan has 15 years of experience in conducting research and analysis that has informed decision-making and long-term planning. As a project manager and technical leader, he has delivered 30 operational research studies and research contracts that have informed strategic Government procurement programmes. While working as a government analyst, Jonathan has conducted research to inform Government decisions by stakeholders in foreign policy, defence, security and international development. He is also currently conducting research with Huduma Ltd for the UK driverless car programme as well as for the European Space Agency. Jonathan is a director at NGO Global MapAid, which is mapping poverty issues in Ethiopia, Nepal and the UK.




As well as the founding Directors, Simplexity Analysis has an extensive network drawing upon a range of experts with different skills.  We form projects around a wide variety of issues, from technical through to managerial and provide access to people with the following skills.

  • Academic Trend Experts
  • Policy and strategy makers
  • Programmers and technical developers
  • Designers
  • Writers and editors
  • Creatives - fiction writers and artists
  • Analysts
  • Facilitators